natashaNATASHA (ncwright AT mit)
Natasha is a second year Masters student in the Mechanical Engineering department in Prof. Amos Winter’s lab. She received her B.S. from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her research is on the design of community-scale photovoltaic powered electrodialysis desalination systems for inland rural villages in India. Outside of lab, Natasha enjoys traveling and being outside, especially nordic skiing, rock climbing, camping, and hiking.
abhishekABHISHEK (ab9 AT mit)
Abhishek is a second year PhD student in the department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT and has been working at EHL since June 2012. He is currently working on developing a system of 3D particle imaging and tracking velocimetry based on light field imaging using a high speed camera array. Abhishek grew up in Lucknow, India and completed his undergraduate studies, also in Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
pulkitPULKIT (ps544 AT mit)
Pulkit is a first year PhD student in the department of Mechanical Engineering. He works with Prof. Amos Winter in the Global Engineering and Research Lab. His research focuses on the system- level optimization of irrigation systems for complete farms and is mainly focused on small and marginal farmers in India and the Middle East. Pulkit earned his BA and MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cambridge, Trinity College, UK. He has lived and studied in four continents and in his spare time he likes to play squash and cricket and watch most sports.
REFS_RashedRASHED (alrashed AT mit)
Rashed is a second year Masters student in the Mechanical Engineering department, working with Prof. Pedro Reis in the Elasticity, Geometry, and Statistics Lab. His research involves studying the wrinkling of elastic bilayers. Rashed grew up in Kuwait before earning his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.


Prof. Gareth H. McKinley (gareth AT mit)
For issues involving faculty members, it can be helpful to have another faculty member to speak to. Our faculty in charge, Prof McKinley, who is the SoE Professor of Teaching Innovation, and the Associate Head for Research, is a resource you can turn to in such cases.

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